chicken curry with potato murgh ar aloo tarkari

chicken curry with potato

chicken curry with potato murgh ar aloo tarkari traditional home cooking one of the most popular Bengali dish.
ingredient for this dish.

approx 1kg broiler chicken, 2 large onion chopped,4/5 bay leaf,3/4 cinnamon stick,3/4 green Elachi(cardamon ) 1 large ginger + 4/6 clove of garlic smashed,7/8 baby potato cut in half, 2 tablespoon vegetable oil, 1 tea spoon holdi powder,11/2 tea spoon jeer powder, 2 1/2 tea spoon mix curry powder, 1 1/2 teas spoon curry powder, 1 teas spoon gram masala.

Bengali Nimki

Bengali Nimki

Bengali nimki sweet triangular shaped crispy snack deep fried light spiced old fashioned style flour cookies

Indian Masala Tea

How to make spicy Indian tea or masala tea best ingredients herbal chai favorite hot drink in different parts of India and Bangladesh Indian masala tea masala chai best banarasi kitchen flavored tea beverage Indian spice and herbs.

Best tuna pasta recipes

Best tuna pasta recipes

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The amount you make depend on how many people you’ll serve also use your judgment for the amount of spice to use!


Special Fried Rice


Special Fried Rice

A versatile fried rice dish cooked in the British Indian Restaurants ingredients whole green chilli,vegetable oil,chopped onion,peas,an egg and pinch of salt some pure ghee,touch of mix curry powder and tiny amount haldi powder, finally basmati rice and some chopped coriander.

Spinach Fry

Spinach fry a very popular Bengali dish very easy to make and very tasty,the following ingredient are need to make this dish.

some fresh spinach,garlic,onion,pure ghee or vegetable oil,salt and tiny amount of mix curry powder,holdi powder,coriander powder.
6 bunch of fresh coriander chopped into small pieces
5/6 clove of garlic chopped or grated
2/3 onion chopped
2 tablespoon of pure ghee or vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon mix curry powder
1 teaspoon holdi powder
1 teaspoon coriander powder

heat frying pan add ghee or vegetable oil bring it to sizzling heat add garlic sizzle it for few minutes then add onion give it a good mix, put in all the spices mix it in,put the led on leave it for about five minutes on slow gas till the onion has become soft, now add the cut spinach stirring well in and leave to cook for about half an hour on slow gas. serve with plain white rice.

Canned Sardines Recipes

This recipe is so simple all you need few canned sardine in tomato sauce,chop couple of onion  some green chilli and few bunch of fresh coriander heat frying with 2/3 tablespoon vegetable oil tips in the onion sprinkle tiny amount of salt stir wait few minutes till the onion get soggy add  1 tea spoon holdi powder,1 tea spoon chilli powder,1 tea spoon mix curry powder,1 tea spoon dhania powder mix it all in Waite few minutes steering then tip in the sardines give a good mix up keep steering keep doing for few minutes then add the coriander and the green chilli give it stir smear for few minutes then its done!

Egg Curry

One of the most popular Bangladeshi dashes called dim bhuna or egg curry.

Ingredients you need
Eggs,onions,fresh coriander and some fresh green chilli.
the quantity depends on how many you are serving
boil few eggs while the eggs boiling using cheese grater or blender grate few onion
clean the eggs shell sprinkle tiny amount haldi powder on the eggs
put 4/5 tablespoon vegetable oil on frying pan heat it up then toss the eggs in gently slowly keep tossing the frying pan making sure you don’t smash the eggs put a lid on smear for few minutes till the eggs turn slightly golden brown,take them out of the frying pan, keep all the oil and the juice in the pan.
put the frying pan back in the heat wait few second now tip in the grated onion in add few bay leaf and pinch of salt stir for few second put he lid on leave for few minutes make sure it don’t burn then you need to put in the spices.
1 teaspoon mix curry powder
1 teaspoon haldi powder
1 teaspoon dhania powder
1 teaspoon chilli powder(if you prefer hot)

mix all the ingredients together and leave to smearing for about 5 to 6 minutes on slow gas making sure it don’t burn after that you need to add some water about one large cup, keep steering for few minutes then add the eggs in and stir,put the lid on and leave for few minutes after that you can add fresh coriander or green chilli if you want.
Have a go making this very tasty Bangladeshi popular dish.

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Onion Fried Rice

onion fried rice quick and simple to make all you need 2 medium chopped onions.3 to 4 table spoon vegetable oil, 1 tea spoon haldi powder 1 tea spoon salt and couple cups of pre – cook rice
add some coriander at the end will lift the flavour!

Onion Bhaji

How to make Onion bhaji-one of the most popular item in any Indian restaurant in the U.K. there are so many different ways of making onion bhaji you can also add other spices too,but we made easy and simple.
4/5 large onion chopped into long pieces
2/3 eggs
1 table spoon kashmiri masala
1 table spoon mix curry powder
1 table spoon holdi powder
1 table spoon masoor dal (red lentil)
1 table spoon ginger & garlic paste
7/10 table spoon besan flour (gram flour)
some fresh coriander chopped