how to make chicken heart Indian recipe bhaji Bengali style

To make chicken heart bhaji 
how to make chicken heart Indian recipe  bhaji Bengali style you need all the ingredients below 
You need some chicken heart
2 chopped onion
2/3 bay leaf
3/4 cardamom
2 clove garlic crushed (you can use ready made Paste)
1 small piece of ginger Shredded (you can use ready made Paste)
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
salt to your taste
1 tea spoon mild curry powder (bolt brand we use you can use any)
1 tea spoon mix curry powder
1 tea spoon jeera powder
1 tea spoon haldi powder
1 tea spoon chilli powder (if you prefer Hot)
warm the frying pan then tip in veg oil, next put in all the raw ingredient give it a good steer put the lid on for about 5 minutes to smear till the onion becomes  soft and soggy then add the spices, mix well in for 2 to 3 minutes put the lid on for few more minutes till the spices turn golden brown, now add the chicken heart mix all in, put on the lid leave to cook for 10/15 minutes on slow gas.
You can add fresh coriander or if you prefer hot you may put in few green chilies.